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Glaucoma Surgeries in Denver, CO

at The Denver Ophthalmology Center

​It’s deeply important to all of us at The Denver Ophthalmology Center that your experience here goes above and beyond your expectations. No matter the reason for your visit, we make sure you’re cared for using the most state-of-the-art procedures and compassionate treatments possible.

This is evident when we help patients manage their glaucoma. There are many variables that can affect the direction glaucoma treatment should take for different patients, but we see this as a welcome challenge. All of us here at The DOC look forward to working with you to determine which medications, surgeries, or other treatments will most improve your specific situation.

What Is Glaucoma, And What Are My Treatment Options?

Glaucoma is an eye condition in which intraocular pressure (IOP) becomes too high inside the eye. There are two types of glaucoma: open-angle glaucoma, in which the eye’s drainage system becomes backed up over time, and closed-angle glaucoma, where the iris bulges in such a way that the drainage system becomes blocked entirely. If left untreated, this pressure can damage the optic nerve, causing vision loss.

When detected early, glaucoma can be treated before vision loss occurs, and not all treatments require surgery. If you’re diagnosed with glaucoma, specialized eye drops and careful ongoing monitoring of your eye pressure may be all you need to lead a life with clear sight and minimal symptoms.

Should you require glaucoma surgery, though, you have nothing to fear: our own Stephanie Muylaert, M.D. is a board certified and fellowship-trained eye surgeon who has completed thousands of successful eye surgeries and helped countless patients manage their glaucoma. Dr. Muylaert and our team will be able to recommend whether you are best served by a customized treatment plan with eye drops, an outpatient selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT), or a microincision glaucoma surgery (MIGS).

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)

If we determine that eye drops won’t provide enough pressure relief for your eyes — or that there are simply more effective options than a lifetime of eye drops — we’ll explore selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) with you.

Your trabecular meshwork is the tissue responsible for draining fluid from your eye. In SLT, we “selectively” operate on certain cells in the meshwork with a laser to improve fluid flow. Because it only affects miniscule parts of the trabecular meshwork, SLT can be safely repeated to increase its effectiveness.

At The Denver Ophthalmology Center, Dr. Muylaert will speak to you about your SLT procedure prior to your surgical appointment, a step that we still find crucial to understanding your needs. Using a state-of-the-art laser, we can improve fluid flow in your eyes in a matter of minutes with little to no discomfort and mild initial side effects that we can treat with eye drops. SLT is often used in conjunction with eye drops that help manage glaucoma; while SLT doesn’t always completely eliminate the need for such medications, it can significantly reduce your dependence on eye drops and other prescriptions.

Experience the difference.

Microincision Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

If your glaucoma and/or IOP levels are more severe, we may consider MIGS, which stands for microincision — or minimally invasive — glaucoma surgery. During MIGS, various techniques are utilized and/or microscopic stents are placed inside the eye to improve drainage; this bypasses the trabecular meshwork in cases where SLT is ineffective and can dramatically reduce or eliminate your need for eye drops.

MIGS can be performed at the same time as cataract surgery as an add-on procedure, which we often recommend to people with both cataracts and glaucoma. Performing the procedure outside of cataract surgery is also an option and has its own advantages.

Glaucoma Surgery at The Denver Ophthalmology Center

At The Denver Ophthalmology Center, we pride ourselves on a quality patient experience and dependable surgery outcomes. Dr. Muylaert meets with every patient prior to their procedure and uses cutting-edge laser technology to ensure that each patient is given the personalized care they deserve.

Our entire team works hard to create an exceptional patient experience, and we’ll bring a personal touch to your progressive glaucoma treatments, whether they start and end with eye drops or require more advanced solutions down the line.

To learn more about our glaucoma surgeries and treatments, call us at (303) 991-9662 or schedule an appointment.