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Say No to Cataracts – Live Life in High-Def

What is Laser Cataract Surgery?

A bold leap forward in cataract care.

Laser cataract surgery is the combination of advanced laser-guided technology and the surgical skills of Dr. Gregory Kouyoumdjian (known as Dr. K), one of Denver’s best cataract surgeons.

Cataracts are a clouding of the normally clear lens of your eye and affect 50% of adults. Traditional cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the United States, with more than 3 million surgeries performed each year.

Now, with the advent of laser cataract surgery, variability is virtually eliminated, offering a safer and more effective procedure with significant advantages for many patients.

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The Denver Ophthalmology Center and our partners are the first private group of surgeons in Denver to offer laser cataract technology. We are committed to providing patients the most advanced and effective vision enhancement solutions available, and laser cataract surgery is the new gold standard for cataract removal with advanced technology lens replacement.

Laser cataract surgery is the most advanced technique available today because it offers a safer option for creating a custom surgery tailored for your eyes.

  • The femtosecond laser technology is bladeless.
  • Advanced technology lens options are available for your specific vision needs and restore many of our patients to 20/20 vision without needing glasses.
  • You don’t have to wait for your insurance company. For a minimal investment, you can regain crystal clear vision today.

Experience the difference.

Is Laser Cataract Surgery Right for Me?

At The DOC, all laser cataract surgeries are performed by Dr. K, our veteran ophthalmologist and fellowship-trained corneal specialist who has performed nearly 20 thousand eye surgeries. If you’ve been diagnosed with cataracts, contact The DOC today to schedule your consultation with Dr. K. He will determine if laser cataract surgery is right for you and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Clear tissue typically comprises the lens of your eye, focusing light onto the retina, allowing you to see. As you age, proteins in the lens begin to break down resulting in the lens becoming cloudy. Over time, the cataract can become denser, causing vision problems such as blurriness, sensitivity to light, poor night vision, and seeing double. Your Denver eye doctor can confirm if the vision impairment is due to the development of cataracts.

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Cataract Procedure

Traditional Cataract Surgery

Approximately 50 percent of Americans develop cataracts that significantly affect vision by the age of 75. As a result, traditional cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures performed in the United States. After applying drops to dilate your pupils, a local anesthetic is used to numb the eye. Patients are typically given a mild sedative to help them relax.

Using handheld instruments, the surgeon removes the cataract, replacing it with an artificial monofocal intraocular lens that can address a single facet of vision correction: near, intermediate, or far. Most patients require prescription glasses to correct vision in one or more areas not treated by the surgery. Virtually all procedures are effective in restoring vision.

Although this is one of the safest and most successful surgical procedures available, thanks to advancements in technology, surgeons can now use lasers f