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At The Denver Ophthalmology Center, we put our patients’ needs first in everything we do. It’s why our eye surgeon takes the time to fully explain every procedure, and why we work so hard to make every patient’s experience great.

It’s also the reason why we’re always looking to the future of medical technology — our head surgeon Dr. K was among the first eye surgeons to adopt and implement laser cataract surgery. Today, we’re proud to be one of the region’s leading providers of laser cataract surgery, constantly working to stay at the cutting edge of the discipline.

What is Laser Cataract Surgery?

What Is Laser Cataract Surgery?

Each of your eyes has a natural lens — a thin layer of clear tissue — which helps to focus light, producing the images that provide vision. As you age, this lens can clump or collect proteins, causing blurry or obstructed vision. This is a cataract.

All cataract surgeries involve removing the natural lens and replacing it with a synthetic intraocular lens (IOL), a procedure that’s extremely safe, effective, and common: there are nearly 4 million cataract surgeries performed each year. However, traditional cataract surgery uses handheld instruments, which leaves some room for human error.

Our team at The Denver Ophthalmology Center is proud to say that our own Dr. K was one of the first eye surgeons to offer laser cataract surgery, an even safer and more precise option than traditional cataract surgery. The femtosecond laser and other microsurgical instruments used in laser cataract surgery are highly accurate and allow for smaller incisions, quicker procedures, and as a result, smoother recoveries.

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Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery

It’s easier and quicker for your eyes to recover from laser cataract surgery than traditional cataract surgery. Because laser cataract surgery is incredibly precise, the incisions made during the procedure can be smaller and heal faster.

The precision of laser cataract surgery also allows for customized operations. Specific parts of the procedure like capsule opening and lens fragmentation can be easily adjusted to each patient’s specific eyes.

In addition, laser cataract surgery reduces the chances of a number of complications. The odds of infection, post-operative leakage, swelling, post-op capsule thickening, and tears entering the lens capsule are greatly diminished.

Gregory Kouyoumdjian, Laser Cataract Surgeon
Traditional Cataract Surgery

What Makes Our Laser Cataract Surgery Better?

Our team at The Denver Ophthalmology Center has worked hard to make an already low risk surgery even safer with the use of surgical laser technology. We’re led by our board certified, fellowship-trained eye surgeon and corneal specialist, Gregory Kouyoumdjian, M.D. Dr. K and his team meet with every patient prior to their surgical appointment — an increasingly uncommon practice — to make sure that they understand the necessary information about their surgery, and that their concerns are heard. Dr. K performs all of our laser cataract surgeries, and has successfully completed thousands of these procedures since the technology was developed.

The Best Laser Cataract Surgery is Done with the Best Technology

Using a femtosecond laser for cataract surgery allows for an accuracy and consistency simply unavailable to doctors who do their work by hand. Of course, your eye surgeon needs to be able to direct the laser on where to work — which is why we also create a three-dimensional map of your eyes, providing a highly detailed model that lets us work around the specifics of your eyes.

We also use microsurgical instruments to soften and break up your cataract, and to replace the cataract with a clear, artificial lens. These tools let us perform these tasks more gently and precisely than can be done through traditional methods.

Laser Cataract Surgery

Premium Lens Options

Intraocular lenses (IOLs) are used to replace the natural lens in your eye after cataract surgery, and it’s impossible for these synthetic lenses to develop cataracts. IOLs can also dramatically improve your vision, even beyond your prescription before you had cataracts; it’s even possible for premium IOLs to help you achieve optimal vision without the aid of glasses or contact lenses. They’re an excellent way to improve your eyesight without the need for a separate procedure.

We offer high-quality lenses in all 3 types of IOL:
  • Monofocal lenses provide clear vision and correct simple refractive errors
  • Trifocal and Monofocal lenses can simultaneously correct vision over multiple distances
  • Toric lenses are specially designed to correct difficult-to-treat astigmatism

Laser Cataract Surgery at The Denver Ophthalmology Center

At The Denver Ophthalmology Center we stand for compassion, advancement, and an overarching patient-first philosophy. We’ll make sure you’re informed, treated using state-of-the-art equipment, and that all your concerns are answered. To us, ensuring that you have an exceptional experience is just as important as providing you with exceptional surgical outcomes.

To learn more about laser cataract surgery, call (303) 800-9887 or schedule an appointment.

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If you have been diagnosed with cataracts, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. K today. He is a fellowship trained corneal specialist and veteran ophthalmologist. Having performed nearly twenty thousand eye surgeries, he can determine if you are a good candidate for laser cataract surgery in Denver. Dr. K will answer any questions you have and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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I could not be happier with the folks at The Denver Ophthalmology Center. Dr. K did cataract surgery for me a year ago and it changed my life for the better. My vision is the best it’s been since I was probably about 5 years old. Dr. K is incredible and the staff are very professional and friendly.”